DM666 Performs on Delmar -- (06/30/2017) Faced with financial ruin after a sibling deceived him and failed to provide money in April as promised and after a head injury and hospitalization caused a car rental to become delinquent and other mishaps caused bank accounts to become insolvent, DM666 has hit the streets in the Saint Louis area and is working as a street musician so as to try to earn additional income. On Tuesday, he visited the Loop area on Delmar and snapped a few selfies and other photos. He also performed near Busch Stadium recently and will probably try some additional locations in coming days. DM666 is also known as DavidMueller666 and has several song downloads published on CD Baby and other sites under his full legal name which is David Brian Mueller. David would like to thank those who have donated to him recently as he performed in Saint Louis. He hopes that his performances can enrich the lives of others and that he will be accepted by the communities where he performs.

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Birds Talk With Me . . . What About U? . . .Yes, You! . . .and . . .Is What They Say Trustworthy? . . .Is What They Say

Really True? . . . That They Love the Taste When They Chew You! . . . Yes, U2! . . . and Guess What? I Do Too! . . . 

Me Is Luvin' It For Me Breakfast! . . . 'Tis They That Teach Me Poetry . . .From That Tree That You See In My



Groovy Grunge Groundhog Gyrators Be Cutting Rugs Everywhere / Rave at  Rappin' Rabbit's Hip Hop Shop is Scheduled IV/iO Man Winter will appear at Midlife Crisis Megamall with Half of my Chill Pills are Gone with the Wendy's  words /image © 2017 by DM666 full legal name David Brian Mueller



DM666 Delayed by Sudden and Severe Illness - (02/01/2017) DavidMueller666 reported that his plans to produce new Internet content and to work to develop his new domain, etc., which he said would start in January, have instead been delayed by an unexpected illness that has left him temporarily disabled. DavidMueller666 (aka davidmueller666 or DM666) is the sole proprietor of David Brian Mueller Publishing. David has been trying to brand his creative output by adopting pseudonyms which hybridize elements of his actual legal name with the numeral "666." The numeral "666" is often associated with occult or mystical themes in popular culture and is sometimes used when merchandising certain kinds of items such as heavy metal musical recordings. Also, in Latin, the word for the numeral "6" is "sex." Thus, "666" can be imagined to say "sex sex sex." Of course, sex is supposed to sell well according to many advertisers and so on. DM666 reported that about a week ago, he very suddenly was incapicitated by a "flu-bug." DavidMueller666 further explained that:

I have had some symptoms of COPD for years and,

when this hit me, I suddenly found myself getting

very out-of-breathe and I developed a severe cough

and runny nose. At the same time, one of my teeth

started aching really bad where an old filling fell

out recently. Within hours, an abscess started forming

and I started experiencing a very severe headache.

Soon, I was unable to do much of anything. For

several days, I slept almost all of the time. Finally,

on Monday, I had some obligations that I had to

attend to and I forced myself by sheer will to do

so. I went to shop at a Target store in St Louis County.

I got very winded. For the first time ever, I had to

request that I be allowed to use a shopping cart

provided for handicapped people that featured

an electric motor. I am glad that I did because it

allowed me to get my shopping done without getting

too out-of-breathe. At the same time, it was all

kind of embarrassing.

Today, a new month began and DM666 finally started feeling a little bit better and he managed to get into his studio. He produced this short test video. The video opens with David playing a few measures of Bach's "Prelude in C Major" on his synthesizer. David explains his situation and promises more new content will appear soon.

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