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Music by DM666 (David Brian Mueller)

I Can See U 2 Master

by David Brian Mueller

Released 2015
Released 2015
“I Can See U 2 Master” - In this song, the author begins by exploring introspective themes revolving around the thoughts of a man in the throes of a mid-life crisis. However, the song goes on to express deeper and more occult themes. After agonizing over the limitations and disappointments of human existence, DavidMueller666 perceives an alleged supernatural Master. He laments that this Master does not appreciate him but instead has cursed, damned, and abandoned him. In response, he embraces Luciferian bravado. He asserts that he will find the strength within himself to confront this cruel would-be Master whom he identifies as “Dei Jah Vu.” He vows that he will give up despair and will instead meet and defeat Master. Angelic beings will come to his aid and preserve him as he does so and all destiny will be changed. The song features words and music by David Brian Mueller (aka DavidMueller666) and was composed, performed, and produced by him in his private studio.
Jimi Hendrix once mentioned being "experienced." David Brian Mueller (aka DavidMueller666) is very experienced. His experiences include being a targeted individual, a psychiatric survivor, and a captive of the very criminal justice system. David is a traumatic abuse survivor and has probably been the target of local MKUltra and COINTELPRO variants for decades. David has had 40 years of experience consuming various controlled substances including cannabis, psychedelics, opiates, stimulants, etc., as well as otc substances including dextromethorphan, alcohol, tobacco, and energy drinks. David has been "possessed" by "voices" for decades, has paranormal and clairvoyant tendencies, and has had profound mystical experiences. Through it all, David has had access to musical instruments and equipment and has been anxiously awaiting an opportunity to realize musical dreams. David is an agnostic freethinker with libertarian and humanistic values and is trying to recover from much ongoing trauma and stigmatization. David earned a M.A. degree in sociology and minored in psychology as an undergraduate. David is a creative type. David writes and dabbles in 3D graphics, 2D graphics, animation, photography, and video production. Most importantly, David writes lyrics and composes music, sings, and plays various instruments, especially guitar and keyboard synthesizer. Now, David is trying to make use of all of his experience by producing and publishing original musical recordings from his home studio and is hoping that he will succeed in enriching the lives of others in doing so. David also likes to be different and does not shy away from doing things in new or unusual ways. David dislikes being categorized or labeled and agonizes when asked to mold his musical output so that it will fit nicely into any single style or genre . If pressed, David hopes that his music will be eclectic, occult, thought provoking, and psychedelic. If he misses those lofty goals, he hopes that it will at least be new or unusual, musically valid, expressive, and entertaining. David also fantasizes that his music might someday help to promote positive personal, cultural, and societal changes and transformations and be helpful in creating a better world for all while at the same time serving as a means of encapsulating and memorializing past experiences.