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Music by DM666 (David Brian Mueller)

The Sad and Terrible Saga of David B Mueller

by David Brian Mueller

Released 2012
Released 2012
In his debut single "The Sad and Terrible Saga of David B Mueller," David Brian Mueller synthesizes hard rock sounds and delivers vocals that "wake the dead" so as to explore the hidden reality of a seemingly abused and neglected man.
David B Mueller finds himself in the epicenter of a struggle between the forces of good and evil. David is inherently virtuous and free and the forces of evil find him intolerable and seek to scandalize and destroy him. The forces of evil are quite busy trying to impose police state morality on all and trying to regulate all relationships so as to deprive the world of love and trust and they try to keep great men such as David isolated and lonely. Meanwhile, beautiful young women find David irresistible and want so badly to offer support. However, David is not really isolated and lonely but rather is accompanied by lively celestial beings known jokingly as "the dead" whom he interacts with as they speak constantly to him and he also mingles with them in dream states and during out-of-the body-experiences. David encourages his would be supporters to join him and his companions in the out-of-the-body state and thus thwart the evil police state first on the astral plane and then in the physical world as well.